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Virtual and Embodied Agents

Virtual agents, embodied in robots are often large software systems with numerous modules.

  • How to put them together right?
  • How to take advantage ROS or my current middleware?
  • How to deal with concurrent events and multi-threading?
  • Which APIs to provide to the clients?
  • How to implement the higher-level decision-making?

I had the opportunity to work on these issues in the past, and I love to get into these challenges, while taking care of the legacy.

Decision-making, dialogues and AI

Interesting behaviors and dialogues can be achieved with classical programming, with models like Behavior Trees, State Machines…

But there is a lot to gain by bringing in AI techniques:

  • Custom language models and semantic extraction
  • Planning to produce more flexible behaviors or dialogues
  • Situational pattern recognition

I favor explainable solutions that let you in control, and the reduction of data collection.

Embedded Development

From MCUs to Android phones, there is a large range of devices I can work with. This is thanks to languages such as C++ or Rust.

I have experience in integrating native libraries with Python or Java, and I am autonomous in developing the apps embedding them.

Did you know native libraries can be integrated in web apps too, thanks to WebAssembly?

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